Customized solutions

Customized solutions

I want to increase my direct bookings

A good showcase and a booking engine are essential to achieve this.

  • hotel website
    Let them know you: show your accommodation and show your guest what the experience of staying with you will be like on an attractive, well-designed website with multimedia content.
  • web responsive hotel
    Responsive technology that adapts to any device and place.
  • seo web hotel
    Search engine optimization: keywords and other aspects related to SEO on Page that help your hotel appear in user searches.
  • hotel website with booking engine
    Help yourself with all the necessary tools to increase traffic on your channel. Blog, social networks, Google Hotel Ads, etc.
  • hotel web chat
    Insert chats and other widgets to interact with users.
  • hotel web strategy
    Monitor the results of your website and validate if your sales strategy for your direct channel is effective.

I want to optimize my online distribution

With our Channel Manager you can manage all online distribution, through all channels and devices, on a single screen and in a simple way.

  • online sale hotel
    Manage all your online sales from a single place. Being more active and working your distribution mix should not involve more manual work.
  • channel manager
    With the help of technology, everything is synchronized in real time so that the information on all channels is up-to-date and that avoids overbookings.
  • integrations
    You can handle more OTAs which will result in more visibility of your accommodation on the internet.
  • online hotel promotions
    Generate promotions, rates, offers. Be active not only in the prices but also in the extras or in the cancellation policies and thus optimize the results.
  • hotel master rates
    Help yourself with automatisms such as automatic rules or master rates to make everything easier.
  • hotel online sales reports
    Through the reports, validate that your online sales strategy is effective and that there is a balance between production and distribution costs for the channels you work with.

I want to simplify and streamline my business management

A simple management system through a single application.

  • management reservation pms
    To help me carry out all the procedures from the time the reservation enters until the guest leaves, and their stay is over: Check-in, Check-out, collections, etc.
  • hotel management control
    To help me control the entire business: what each user does, production centers, distribution costs, revenue data, sales funnel on the web.
  • cloud hotel software
    That allows me to connect from home, on any device and at any time, only with an internet connection.
  • housekeeping pms
    That allows me to control the cleanliness.
  • hotel sales modules management
    That can be connected with other modules such as the restaurant part or the events and lounges module or with electronic invoicing.
  • check in online hotel
    To help me automate processes such as online check-in, sending communications or sending the part of travelers.

I want a single provider

All in one is the perfect solution for those who want to have everything in a single solution, the front office system to channel all your reservations and the entire Back office or management system in a single solution:

  • pms training
    That saves me learning and training time.
  • economic pms
    Make it more economical.
  • pms fnsrooms
    That it is in a single environment and that the systems do not have to talk to each other. If a reservation enters through the channel, it must already be in the PMS planning.
  • fnsrooms support
    That I only have to work with a customer service department that understands me and solves my problems.
  • fnsrooms integrations
    That it has channels and integrations to have my entire technological ecosystem integrated.
  • FNShoteldesk fnsrooms
    Make it flexible and grow as my business grows: multi-currency, timeshare, multi-channel and multi-user.

I want to be advised

We often receive inquiries from hoteliers who want to know how to improve something in their accommodation but do not know where to start:

  • OTAs fnsrooms
    Should I work with more channels?
  • web hotel FNSrooms
    Why is my website not converting?
  • planning fnsrooms
    Why isn´t Excel the best solution for planning?
  • hotel technology
    Should I invest in technology if my hotel is not open all year?
  • hotel pricing strategy
    How can I improve my pricing strategy?
  • hotel digital marketing
    How do I start doing digital marketing for my guests?

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