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Tailor-made management program (PMS)

All integrated.

A complete hotel management system with all the functionalities to control your business and carry out all the tasks related to a reservation: check-in, check-out, collections, billing, charges and consumption, etc.

With a complete reporting system, integration with other suppliers and extra modules such as events, point of sale, billing or online check-in.

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Planning by state and by channel

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Check-in online

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Complete repository of reports

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Electronic billing

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Invoice routing

Flexible room inventory icons

Flexible room inventory

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Roles by levels and permissions

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Events module

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Complete reservation file

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Customer segmentation

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Integrations with third parties

Why FNShoteldesk?

  • Management of the reservation from start to finish: complete and orderly vision.
  • All the reservation information on a single screen: including the possibility of sending the check-in online to speed up the guest registration process.
  • Roles and user profiles: so that each employee has access to what they need and has the permissions according to their role. Trace what they modify.
  • Valuable information to make decisions: grouped into collections or topics (activity, revenue, sales, financial, etc).
  • Complementary modules: organize your events, have electronic invoicing ready, connect your point of sale, etc.
  • You will be able to clearly and intuitively organize everything related to the events and rooms of your establishment.

Features and functionalities

  • Responsive solutions accessible from mobile. Work from anywhere.
  • Help menu with videos of the most frequent features.
  • Possibility of configuring different menus from settings to user preference.
  • Check in, collection of reservations, extra charges and check out.
  • Check in online.
  • Budgets / quotes.
  • Main dashboard by departments.
  • Reservations module: create pre-reservations, interns, simple or group reservations, with or without children, consult the reservation or modify it, part of travelers, comments and alerts to the reservation.
  • Parameterization of user roles and permissions.
  • Planning by input channel of the reservation or by status of the same (pending check in, collection, blocked, etc.).
  • Housekeeping module, night audit, gastro and winery and events.
  • Client and company repository / database: segmentation.
  • Issuance of invoices, accounting files, electronic invoicing.
  • Activity, sales, financial, revenue, and statistical reporting modules.
  • Integration with peripherals: doors, check-in kiosks, scanners, RMS, online reputation systems, ERPs.
  • Open API for peripheral connections in XML and JSON.


Accommodation typology A property Anyone, timeshare
Limitations Up to 50 rooms Without limits
By channel Yes Yes
By reservation status Yes Yes
Dashboard Limited Full
Reservations: create, edit, consult, cancellations, no shows, etc. Simple Full
Groups No Yes
Check-out Yes Yes
Housekeeping Simple Full
Events (edit) No Yes - Optional
Store No Yes
Gastro No Yes - Optional
Night audit No Yes
Budgets / quotes No Yes
Additional features
Check-in online Yes - Optional Yes - Optional
Reports and reporting module Limited Full
Currency exchange, multi-currency No Yes
Electronic billing No Yes - Optional
Limit users 2 Unlimited
Profiles and permission levels No Yes
Consolidation and daily closings No Yes
Integration with peripherals No Yes - On demand
Master of charges, cost centers and credit collections No Yes
Open API for peripheral connections in XML and JSON No Yes - Optional

Frequent questions


It is a tool with all the functionalities that the management of a hotel establishment needs. Front office management (reservations, client portfolio, billing, etc.) and back office (accounting, stock or inventory management modules, reports and reporting, etc.).


Our PMS has a wide range of functionalities that pursue the sole objective of making hotel management easier. It integrates the modules of different areas of the business and integrates other systems with which you work in areas such as accounting.


Because in a tool that is in the cloud, that is, that you can access from anywhere and on any device, you can control your entire hotel business. A PMS is freedom for the hotel owner or manager.


No, our team takes care of the configuration and customization for your accommodation. You will also receive training, maintenance and support within the fee you pay. In addition, it is easy and intuitive.


Yes, find out about our Gastro module and you will see how easy it is for you to manage this business unit of your establishment.


It depends on the installment plan you choose and the number of rooms your establishment has. There are discounts for annual payment and for including multiple properties. Ask us.

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