Website with booking engine

Website with booking engine

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A website with all the necessary elements for the client to know your accommodation and, most importantly, an integrated booking engine. The best choice at your fingertips to boost direct booking. Undoubtedly the best showcase with which you will get reservations with just one click.

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Professional, current and personalized design

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No development or post-sale costs

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Direct booking at your accommodation

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Web basic FNSrooms


From € 0 / month

  • Predefined versions
  • No set up or stays
  • Automatic copywriting
  • Content management
  • Limited maintenance
  • Optional blog
  • Hosting included
  • 5% of booking fees
Web pro FNSrooms


From € 20 / month
Fixed or variable fee

  • Adapted versions
  • No stays
  • Custom copywriting
  • Inclusion of third-party widget
  • Maintenance included (1 hour / month)
  • Blog included
  • Hosting included
Premium website FNSrooms


Check with us

  • Exclusive designs and on demand
  • Custom projects with prior proposal approved by the client
  • Texts prepared by specialists
  • Inclusion of third-party widget
  • Maintenance and hosting included


Version Default Adapted On demand
Third-party widgets Included Included
Content management Automatic Adapted On demand
Custom texts by copywriters Included Included
SEO on page Included Included Included
Blog Optional Included Included
Maintenance Limited Limited Included
Hosting Included Included Included

Why FNSsites?

  • An attractive, visual website, with good content and well positioned in search engines, is not an option but a necessity. Professional, current, personalized design.
  • You will have a space where you can show the customer the experience they will have if they stay at your establishment. You will be able to see the photo gallery, find out what other services your hotel offers and select the types of rooms that you like the most.
  • You can generate exclusive promotions for reservations that are channeled through your website. This active strategy is key to boost your direct booking.
  • You can manage news and content that attract customers to the page and give you more sales opportunities and more visibility.
  • Remove all physical barriers. No distance. Anyone from anywhere in the world and at any time can book at your hotel.
  • Fully responsive websites adapted to all types of devices.
  • Buttons for converting into reservations always visible.
  • Possibility of enhancing your direct channel with Google and other channels.
  • Metric to monitor the performance of your page.
  • Option to work a blog to maximize reach and traffic to your website.

Features and functionalities

  • Development in FNSeditor with responsive and mobile optimized technology.
  • Attractive and modern designs: very elaborate layout, care of the corporate image and logo design where appropriate, banners, large sliders, forms and placement of contact buttons (CTA) at strategic points, photo retouching, icons, etc.
  • Possibility of inserting videos and other multimedia supports.
  • Blog or news section.
  • Availability check widget.
  • Closure Acceleration Messages and Conversion Highlights.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Purchase of domains, hosting (hosting) and security SSL certificates.
  • Optimization of the page for search engine positioning: speed, keywords, title and meta description, tags (h1, h2, etc.), compression and optimization of photos, links, indexing, geolocation with Google Maps.
  • Analytics configuration for tracking and monitoring of traffic and conversions and insertion of pixels to monitor traffic on Social Networks, etc.

Frequent questions


The one carried out by a client without the intermediation of a travel agency or any agent. There are no commissions to pay so your margins are higher.


It is an essential tool to facilitate conversion through your website. If you want to boost direct booking, don´t think about it. In addition, if you have a channel manager, the inventory is updated immediately without the need to complicate with forms and manual entries.


You save time, reduce acquisition costs due to disintermediation and enhance the visibility of your brand.


It depends on the plan you choose, you can choose a fixed or a variable cost depending on the reservations generated by your accommodation. We adapt to your best convenience.


Our design and technology development team take care of everything. You only have to tell us what kind of design you like, what personality you want your page to convey and what types of rooms and services your hotel has.

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