Guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction

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Measure and monitor the satisfaction of your guests.

Because a satisfied guest
is the best guarantee of success.

We join myHotel to introduce you to FNSguests by myHotel, a complete platform that measures the satisfaction of your guests, automates internal processes and boosts the online positioning of your hotel. With this tool you will be able to optimize the relationship with your guests at each point of contact, monitor the quality of your service and implement improvements based on real-time data.

Remember that when the guest leaves your hotel, they immediately become an influencer of your brand and their opinions will positively or negatively impact the online reputation of your property. And you, how are you managing the experience of your guests?

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Satisfaction surveys during and after the stay

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Online reputation

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Case management

Why FNSguests by myHotel?

  • Automate the management of satisfaction surveys during and after the stay.
  • Measure the quality of your service, detect dissatisfied guests in time and obtain the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your hotel.
  • Analyze the sentiment of your guests and access the negative and positive mentions of your brand.
  • Aggregate your guest feedback and manage responses to reviews on one platform.
  • Monitor the reputation of your property in the world´s leading online travel agencies (OTAs) and compare your position with that of your competitors.
  • Open an internal communication channel between your collaborators and solve the problems of your guests in real time.
  • Make strategic decisions based on data.

Features and functionalities

  • Friendly and intuitive platform.
  • Information and general guest satisfaction.
  • Personalized surveys with the brand of your hotel and in multiple languages.
  • NPS (Promoters, Passives and Detractors).
  • Ranking by areas and average rating of the hotel.
  • Configuration of surveys in QR, tablet, website, e-mail, etc.
  • Semantic analysis.
  • Alerts in real time.
  • Reports and analysis.
  • Integration to PMS.
  • Automation and unification of reviews.
  • Review coverage.
  • Direct response to Google reviews.
  • General information about your property in the OTAs.
  • Global distribution of reviews (type of host, language, continents, etc.)
  • Comparison of reputation with competitive set.
  • Comparative price table.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Filters by NPS, room, language, origin, survey, etc.
  • Creation of cases and/or incidents from the feedback of a guest or internal management of the hotel.
  • History and changelog of each reported incident.
  • Status of cases (pending, in process, closed and discarded).
  • Task resolution time.
  • Priority of cases (high, medium and low).
  • Organization of cases by type (petition, claim, suggestion, complaint or internal management).
  • Attach documents and tag your teammates.
  • Corporate version (for strings).

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A Guest Experience platform measures and monitors the interactions guests have with your hotel.


A Guest Experience platform will help you. to manage the experience of your guests, measure the quality of your service before, during and after the stay, and promote improvements so that you continue offering unique and unforgettable experiences within your hotel.


It is a tool that will help you. to improve the relationship with your guests, build loyalty, streamline your hotel operations and boost your brand reputation.


The cost depends on the number of collaborators in your hotel. There are two plans you can choose: Starter or Pro.

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