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Check-in online

Make your accommodation
a safe place.

At FNSrooms we offer you the possibility for your client to check-in online from their mobile phone quickly, conveniently and easily. Avoid contact and waiting at reception and make your accommodation a safe place.

By checking in online, your future guest can carry out the registration process for both themselves and their accompanying guests at any time after formalizing their reservation and from any device.

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Protected data. 100% sure

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Integrated in the PMS

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Fully automated

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Simple and fast process

Why FNScheckin?

  • You will avoid queues at reception, guaranteeing minimum capacity in common areas such as reception.
  • Provides all the security to your future guest.
  • You´ll reduce the workload at the front desk by automating the guest check-in process and doing it for yourself.
  • You will eliminate unnecessary waiting times such as the time it takes for the guest from when they arrive until they can enter the room.
  • You will improve your user experience as the process of entering the accommodation and enjoying the stay will be much more agile.

Features and functionalities

  • 3 different accesses from our software.
  • Direct synchronization with the PMS FNShoteldesk.
  • Possibility of registering all the guests that make up the reservation.
  • Possibility of sending the registration link to the guest from e-mail or from WhatsApp.
  • Unlimited email templates.
  • Intuitive and simple process available to everyone.
  • Possibility of scanning the registration document with the camera of the mobile phone itself.
  • Possibility of saving the scanned documentation on the server.
  • Possibility of entering the data manually.
  • Possibility of signing directly from the mobile phone screen.
  • Possibility of sharing the registration link to other guests so they can check-in.
  • Possibility to send personalized email templates along with the check-in link to the future guest with personalized texts.

Preguntas frecuentes


This module can send manually or automatically, at the time of booking or when the accommodation provides, a link to WhatsApp or the customer´s email so that they can fill in all the data on the traveler´s part, either by entering by entering them manually or by scanning your identity documentation.


Yes, as long as it is conected to internet.


Because in this current scenario, these types of tools not only automate processes and reduce manual work and errors, but also serve to transmit security and confidence to our guests, which is essential as a result of COVID-19.


No, our team takes care of the configuration and customization for your accommodation. You will also receive training, maintenance and support within the fee you pay. In addition, it is easy and intuitive..

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